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Hello sir,

I have developed a client-server application. The server sends an AVI file to the client. The client stores this avi file in some temporary folder and when completely downloaded, plays it. And when the avi finishes, the client deletes it.

My problem is that while the avi is played, it can be copied. I know I can use ICopyHook to control over the copy operation; But an intruder can read my avi file using another program that he himself has developed, while it(the AVI) is beeing played back.

What can I do in order to protect my AVI file from beeing stolen(copied or read)?

Can I play the avi without temporarily storing on the disk?

thank you very very much.

First of all, i want to know what language you are
using, becase i've worked under C Sharp. If that is
a question relating Java, you can contact me.

Well, in client side applications, as you have mentioned
it, the code is first stored on the client machine and
then it is executed. If you make your application server
side, meaning that, your sever can control all the AVI
functionalities, and just send the played version to you
then there is no need to temporarily store it on the disk

As the problem with Software Privacy is concerned, you
can make it copy-righted, or being something stolen
you have to take some Anti-Hacking measures. I hope this



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