Sir I want to ask some detail about the topic.

The topic is,
         "What in your opinion, is the future of Native Assembly Language in presence of JAVA ByteCode and .Net Intermediate Language? Justify Your Opinion."

    Sir Please explain this in more detial. I am very thankful to you.

         Your Student,
         Imran Ahmad Mughal  

Dear Imran
Thankyou for your question. Well regarding
your query i can say only onething here.

"What is the use of Native machine when you have
the Virtual Machine"

The meaning of this phrase is that, both languages
have different impact according to their programming
environments. One cannot reall kill another language.
But these days embeded systems are really getting
popular, which are not possible without assembly.
Assembly Language is in the root of the System Programming
so you always need to embed its code when you are gonna
make any kind of Real Time Software. On the other hand
Java is a high level language, and it mostly comes in
Software Simulation. Writing an equivalent code for
System in Java can be costly, so it needs to learnt(Assembly) otherwise both of the languagues have their
own impacts.

I hope ths helps.


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