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I am putting together some interview questions for C++ programmers.  What are 2 questions an entry level C++ programmer should know, and what are 2 questions an experience C++ programmer should know?

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Entry level:
1. A question related to virtual keyword. This may be a small code that tests the understanding of virtual.
2. A question testing the case when a function returns memory allocated on stack. The candidate must know that this will crash the program.  
3. What would you put in a header file?

1. What is the time taken to push_back n elements into a vector? Or any other standard library data structures implementation related question.
2. Design question related to my domain. A general design question is: how would you implement an editor?
3. Libraries are an important part of language. A question related to which libraries they have used or largest project they have implemented would be good.
4. Toughest bug they have fixed.


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