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 Hello sir,

 I have imported the "ShockWave Flash" ocx in my program. I assign it a movie. When my program is run, the movie is played well; But when I want to resize this component(ActiveX), using "SetBounds" method, the change in the width and height of the movie is not applied until I send it some command(e.g. GotoFrame(2)) and click on it.

Do you know some way to resize the movie with instant affect? (like what is done in internet explorer)

what do you think I have not done?

thank you very much.  


As for Flash, I do not know anything about it whatsoever. But, I have an idea I thought might help. When you do C++ Windows graphics stuff, you have to call InvalidateRect() to tell the screen to automatically refresh itself. There is probably a Flash function like that one that needs to be called explicitly.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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