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I wants to work with Mouse in SVGA.  The positions is detected and moves only 640 in x position and 200 in y positioin. Please help. I am using turboc in windows 2000.  

Dear Baburk !
  Your question lags in technical information !
1. What function you used to initialize the graphics driver  , inthat what mode!
2. If you use initgraph() Function it's compatible only with VGA graphics adapter and not on SVGA.
3. Im sure you are working with VGALO mode (640 X 200)
4. Inorder ti increase the screen resolution use this code

   int  gd = VGA;
   int gm = VGAHI;
   initgraph(&gdrive , &gmode  , "");
  /* Confirm the path name  of your BGI directory*/
This mode will acchieve a maximum resolution of 640x480 with 16 colors;

5. Want to work with SVGA ?
  There is no driver available in Turbo C/C++ to initialize SVGA Graphics card    , so you have to write driver on your .
  The advantage of SVGA over VGA is  , it support very high resolution and colors.

Prince M. Premnath.


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