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I am creating a project on Scrabble in C programming language and have successfully completed the human player vs player part. I must say I am a beginner to programming in C. I would now like to create a computer play, in which the computer will play tiles and try to get the highest score (that it can get).

I have done this so far with Scrabble AI: I have another dictionary where all the words are in ascending order. After the tiles are distributed to the computer, it puts the tiles in ascending order too and scans the dictionary (ascending order one) for the longest word possible and puts it down. So now there's a word on the board. How do I make more words using this same approach but also somehow factoring in the tiles already on the board to make the long word? Any suggestions?

I greatly appreciate yr help,

Hi Sarah....

Scrabble in C++ is extremely complicated.

I wish I could help you, but I simply don't have the time.
- be aware that the longest word is not necessarily the best one to play.
- ul also have to factor in double words scores etc..
- taking into account words on the board is another extremely complicated bit of programming.

Good luck  


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