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Simple Life vs Career
I am studying to become a software developer and I know from many sources that in order to survive in this field you have to constantly study new technologies and/or trying to be a leader. Otherwise your value decreases and I am not sure what happens next. I was very ambitious when I was 19-21. Now I am 23 and lost this ambtion level. I am tired of constant education and I am hardly pulling up my BS. I hope to finish it in 1 year, but I am always on the edge. I like to have a calm steady life, you know, without all that rat race. I like to live a simple life, like in that simple life movement. Therefore I have 2 questions to you: 1) What happens to non-ambitious software people? Do they become custodians or smth like that when they get old or just loose their salary level? Some people become sysadmins and similar, because it is technical field and it is less stressful. But it requires constant education as well. 2) What career can I pursue if I want to live a simple life? Maybe i better change my career choice to smth that doesn require constant education and race to become a leader? Like lawyer, businessman or smth...  

diamind , Thank you for your question.

I am always apprehensive when I receive career-choice questions from students because I must inform them that there are few software jobs available, even with advanced education. The luxury of chosing a job based on its stress level is rare these days.

I share with you a desire for the simple life, but I have achieved it only by the complete sacrifice of my career. I have been living off of savings for at least three years.

I am sorry to be so negative, but I don't know what else to say. Perhaps if you are willing to relocate, possibly to a foreign country, the choices would be better.

(By the way, what is smth? I have never heard of it. I did a Web search, but the pages I found were not very informative.)

David Spector


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