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I want to know about software development using c/c++.How can I build small level software in c/c++?Please help me.I shall be very thankful to you.

Hi there:

      I hope u'll be fine. C++ is a very good language for software development specially when ur application needs to be more fast and efficient. Also it provides u more control over ur program by allowing u to use pointers that can directly access memory locations. Also due to its pure object oriented nature, ur application can be easily re-used and updated again and again. If u tell me exactly what kind of software u want to make, tell me and i'll further help u.

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I can answer any questions that range from the very basics of c++ to the advanced topics like polymorphism, inheritance, composition, multiple inheritance and templates. I can also answer almost every type of questions about c++ data structures like stack, queue, circular queue, linklist(single, double, circular), binary trees, binary search trees, avl trees, 2-3 and 2-3-4 trees. I dont have much experience of mfc and creating guis in visual c++, so plz. dont ask me questions about that.


I'm working in c++ since the last 6 years. I've good working skills specially in the advanced topics like inheritance, polymorphism and all type of c++ data structures.

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