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C++/Soruce code


I'm writing a code for different types of lumber.
haveing trouble figureing out how to get a running total.

Hello Jared, thank you for the question.

Obviously, there is not enough information here for me to help you. The goal of your program, problem areas, and source code would be very helpful to me in order to try and help you. If you provide me this information along with a detailed description of the problem I would be more than happy to help.

- Eddie


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I can answer questions about the C++ language, object oriented design and architecture. I am knowledgable in a lot of the math that goes into programming, and am certified by I also know a good deal about graphics via OpenGL, and GUIs.


I have completed numerous games and demos created with the C++ programming language. Currently employed as a software engineer in the modeling and simulation field. I have about 7 years experience.

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