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How can I use a VC++ dll file in a Borland C++ project?
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alshikh , Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, you have not given enough information for me to be able to answer your question. Please resubmit your question with more details or a clearer description and I will do my best to answer.

Borland compilers support DLLs fully. See your compiler documentation for details.

David Spector

I have a program written in VC++ and it use a dll file. I want to change this program to Borland C++ so I have to use the dll file which was written in VC++. can I use this VC++ dll file in Borland project? and How can I use it (this mean use the subroutines inside it) in my Borland C++ project?
Thank you very much

alshikh, DLLs are used the same way no matter what development tools or compilers are used.

There are two major ways to use DLLs.

1. Automatic loading: When a DLL is compiled and linked, an excuteable .dll file and a description .lib file are generated. When another project uses that DLL, include the .lib file in its project file list and copy the .dll file to the System folder or the same folder as the executable program.

2. Explicit loading: The .lib file is not used. Instead, the Windows library functions LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress are used to load the DLL into memory and to find the address of a particular function defined in the DLL.

Both of these methods are described in the documentation that came with your compiler.



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