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C++/approching to the data of our CLASS


we are realy in hurry and need a quick answer .

there is a project and when we want to use the SEARCH of it, it gives us some unknown data in loop and then it end the program.

We are in dead line.O_O

thanks for your question. Well i am sorry to
say, i cannot really predict what sort of bug
is appearing in your program without seeing the
source code, and you haven't made your problem
clear to me. I guess you understand what i mean
to say.

Take care,


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I have got 2 years experiece under C . I am able to answer about the structured concepts pointers to a little extent,OOP concepts. I have also experience in data Strucutres like Linked List, Stacks , Queues, Heaps, B Trees, Red Black Trees. I will try to satisfy with my knowledge. I am the Student of an expert here Martin, what i have learnt today, i just owe my every knowledge to him. He is the greatest.

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