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Followup To
Question -

I sent email to you about one month asking you to write some sytax regarding producing image from
numbers you replied quating your fees.

i have since found a software that should do the job according to the author.

i emailed them asking for the specif syntax that i need as i did not have any luck .

i am willing to pay for your time to work this one out for me .

the software is called ULTRA FRACTAL and is programmable in c language.

all i need to do is to create an array, enter some values these values should translate in to an image.
if you manage to do this,it means that i will be able to enter my own values to display an image .

i am not in to producing fractal images it is a highly unusual idia concerning these data that i am going to enter and it  is important  to me.

if you can help i am willing to pay you $150
for your time for starters.

i believe i am going to achieve something really unique and it is big time idia.

in the past my experiments have worked but small scale using a not so complex programming,but the results were amaising.

with this software and the syntax i need to use
should produce results 1000 fold.
once i achieve the desired results you will get further reward.

Best regards


Answer -
O.Suleyman , Thank you for your question.

Before I commit to helping you with your project, I need to know a little more about it. Ultra Fractal appears to be a user application rather than a C function library. If you can send me a part of their C interface documentation, perhaps I can help.

I would only charge for my time if significant programming or other work were required.

David Spector

Hi Again David

No worries my friend we will work this one out one way or the other
have no doubt i shall be sending you some cash soon
if you can give me your account details as soon as you have cracked it
let me know and i will  probably do a telegraphic transfer if it is not
too expensive.

I have tried to find out the language  being used.the language seems like c statements but i think you would know better.
as for doccumentation i am still searching for that.

Write your own fractal types, coloring algorithms, and geometric transformations   
     Every fractal type, coloring option, and transformation in Ultra Fractal is a formula that you can edit and customize at will using the built-in formula editor. Add your own fractal formulas and coloring algorithms and upload them to the online formula database to share them with other users.

There is no speed penalty your formulas will run just as fast as all other formulas because they are all executed by the same fast optimizing built-in formula compiler. The formula language includes complex numbers, arrays, variable types, color arithmetic, warnings, global sections, and debugging support. Full documentation with a searchable compiler reference is included.  

As soon as i find more information i will contact you.
just to put you in the light i have been also searching in scientific software some interesting applications exist that may do the job but some are too expensive and my pocket cannot handle it at this stage of time.
some other headigs i have been searching.
2 d 3d plot software, plot by data ,array manipulators, array software
array access.
infact any software or application that can produce images according to each indivitual data entered. is what i need.

Many thanks.


O.Suleyman, It certainly sounds to me that your software interfaces with a person, not with software. If this is true, then you cannot control program features from a program that you write.

I regret that I cannot see how I can help you. Your first step must be to contact the company that made the product. Since you paid for their product, they should support it, including giving you information on using their product from a C++ program, if that is possible.

Please feel free to submit questions specifically about the C++ programming language to me at any time.



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