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C++/beginning with C-please!useful!


hello.i am from greece and i just started the C language in my university, so i would only like to ask you some simple questions!
1)supposing i write my program in dev-c++,(for example a program that writes to the screen the phrase hello world) then i press the compile button and the execute button, but nothing appears because everything happens so quickly! they told us to write the command system("pause")!Where sould i write this command and what should i do next?
2)another teacher told us to write the "setchar" command and then execute the program through the CMD prompt in windows. what exactly is that?
3)if i write the program in dev-c++ but i want to compile it in cygwin, shoule i save my program with a different name? or what sould i do?
4)everyone teaches us the command cc myprogram.c in order to compile a program!but in dev-c++ there is only a compile button!that means that here i don't need to use the cc.. command? where is it used? and where can i write that?
Any information would be useful, because i just started, and i find it pretty difficult..thanks in advance!

[1] After each printf or any such function that prints information on stdout, please use pause.
[2] No idea
[3]create c/cpp program using dev-c++ IDE. use cygwin compiler :-) to compile ater that
[4] dev-c++ -> execute -> compile    :--)



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