i'm programming on borland c++ for dos,and i'd wanted to c how it's to program a simple menue with several options on the text mode screen that'd be done under windows millenium OS.
no mouse's used and the user can surf among the options using arrow keys.
it looks as simple as the common menue we see on most dos programs. even like the borland c++ for dos installer menue.
there's nothin strange in the project but i dont got any idea how to perform it.
if i use "windows" command code for that i dunno how to pass by several windows in a text screen,and if i use "bar"command well i shall not use graphics in the project.
i'd be so glad if i get any remarks from you.
thank u
marghachou at yahoo dot com

marghachou, Thank you for your question.

To display menus in DOS, you will need to control the colors of the background and text for the menu bars.

You can do this using standard Escape Sequences, which are the ESC character followed by argument characters.

Documentation is available at http://sunsite.nus.edu.sg/pub/os2/os2faq/os2faq.2.0062.html.

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