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hi Alan:

i am to write a program to read data containing the name, address, telephone number, and class of a friend into an object and print its contents.
now, i understand class and how to write a class, but i am lost on writing into an object.

Sorry for the delay in my response. Midterms last week were pretty killer. Anyway objects are more of a descriptive term as oppose to an actual piece of code. A class has objects in it, for example, but those objects could be an array, a vector, a struct, etc. You have to think in more generic terms when it comes to object oriented programming. You have to think 'high level'. So instead of declaring an array with a pre-determined size of 6 positions, you'd declare the array, but have either the user input how many positions they want, or just keep pushing new inputs onto the back of the array and expand it as needed. A class can also be considered an 'object', as classes are an important part of object oriented programming. I would just write a class that can do everything you need it to do. Just try to make it as high level as possible with no pre-defined variable lengths (such as the array example earlier). I hope this helps. If you need any clarification please let me know.

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