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C++/c++ stack question


hello, i am currently in the process of writing a program using stack (in the form of an array). I was wondering if i would be able to show you some code that is giving me difficulty. This is for an actual school assignment, so i understand if you cannot look at the code. Almost all of it is written, only one small section is giving me some difficulty. I do not expect you to actually write my code, but rather explain to me what the problem may be. Thank you.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hello Lauren, thank you for the question.

Yeah sure, I'll take a look at your code and help you all you want. There was a period for about 2 months straight where people would straight post the instructions to their assignments as a question, not even asking a question. I don't like that, so I put those statements on my question profile thing. What part are you having problems with? Yeah, paste some code in here and I'll take a look at it.

- Eddie


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