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C++/c++ & visual c++


I want to ask u that c++ & visual c++ is the same
in programing.
i means if we want to do same work in visual c++
as we do in turbo c++.

     is the difference bitween them are toolbars?


Thankyou for your question.
C++ and Visual C++ are first are the platform for C++,
but ofcourse they are not same. They vary differently
in their Integrated development environment.

Turbo C++ , you can say, you have to build everything
from scartach. Visual C++ is rich in libraray functions
and specially suitable for graphical games, make use
of the Win32 API.

These are some very basic differences, i'm telling, do
let me know, what specific differences you want to know.
But persoanlly i don't like Visual C++, because its really
a pain to debug it. I hope you understand.



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