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Let me start off by saying my name is Dereck and
i begin college this summer at itt tech for software engineering.I am trying to get ahead of
the game by learning c++. now i own visual c++
.net 2003 along with visual studio .net 2003
enterprise architect.I have two questions.
first I know that visual c++ .net relates more
to windows and the .net platform but what are
the major it wise for me to use
vc++ .net to learn c++. and second what can i
do to get myself ready so i dont go into college
blind.What would you recommend.

Dereck , Thank you for your question.

I regret that I am unable to guide beginners in learning C++, both because of the volume of questions received and because I do not know of learning resources available on the Web or elsewhere. My expertise was developed over thirty-five years of programming and attending advanced classes; I never became familiar with beginners' resources.

As to how you should get ready for your college studies in programming, I suggest that you write simple programs, teaching yourself by looking up topics in the MSDN Library. You may also want to buy or borrow a book on Windows programming, such as the book by Charles Petzold. Writing simple programs will give you little problems to solve, and solving these will give you a very deep understanding of C++.

David Spector


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