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how do I score higher than the other candidate in an interview?
is there an association for certified C++ developer?
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Question -
What certificate or license do I need to be marketable in the C++ field?
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tom Wynne , Thank you for your question.

While there are several certification programs for C++ software engineering, there is (I believe) no industry standard. Each employer is free to require or expect whatever certification they like, or none at all. You might ask potential employers for their preferences before you undertake a certification program.

Personally, I have found that most employers are more interested in how one's knowledge and experience fits into their specific projects. I myself focus on learning what might be useful to the employers for whom I would like to work.

My experience may be out of date (or just plain irrelevant) since I have been unemployed for several years.

David Spector

tom Wynne, You score higher than other candidates if you demonstrate greater knowledge of software engineering relevant to the mission of the company, greater relevant work experience relevant to the mission of the company, and/or greater people skills.

There are probably several associations concerned with skills certification. Try doing a Web search.

PS - I prefer "David" to "Dave".



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