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I'm so sorry because iI will aske alot of questions and I was wondering if you could help me.
Frist,my first degree is computer science(BSc)but when I finished the university I was working in a company and I used to impelemnt by Cobol(IBM) language therefore,long time I do not use c++ or Java.I am worry because I will start the master in sebtemper.So thrugth your experienc could you give some websites and titels of books which are considered introduction and they can help me .
Thank you very much

Dear Nasser,
thankyou for your question. First of all, feel
free to ask anything you want, thats what we are
for to help the people. I will try my best to help
you as much i can.

Nasser if you are looking for some good books on
Java and C++, i would recommend you two books with
the same author.

a) C++ How to Program by Deitel and Deitel
b) Java how to Program by Deitel and Deitel

For more information keep upto date with

After these books, you don't need really any good
tutorials. If you wana handle these languages with
Software Engineering approach, you should look for
a book named.

C++, A Software Engineering Approach.

I am a Java developer also, so if you have any further
queries, you can ask me in both of fields, i will try
to help you.



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I can answer any question about functions,pointers,structures,object oriented programming basics of classes and data structures.My strong field is structured programming.


I have got 2 years experiece under C . I am able to answer about the structured concepts pointers to a little extent,OOP concepts. I have also experience in data Strucutres like Linked List, Stacks , Queues, Heaps, B Trees, Red Black Trees. I will try to satisfy with my knowledge. I am the Student of an expert here Martin, what i have learnt today, i just owe my every knowledge to him. He is the greatest.

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