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Hi there I would like to ask for any one programming language, one is likely to find different compilers made by software houses. One factor of comparison, for example, is the quality of the output program produced by the compiler. What factors in which compilers for programming languages can be compared?  

Hello lexy, thank you for the question.

As obvious as it may be, I would have to suggest C++ as the programming language you request, as it is supported by numerous compilers. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET(which I highly recommend), Borland C++, and GNU g++/gcc are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

The output of a program really has nothing to do with the compiler use, because most(if not all) compilers conform to the ANSI standard for C++ that was developed a few years back. That standard was set to prevent compilers from implementing different things. There are a couple of preprocessor directives with the Microsoft compiler that are specific to it, but it still supports the ANSI standard preprocessor directives. The output of the program relies heavily on the computer it is being run on. The key factor is the amount of RAM the machine has, since it is the life blood of programming. Other factors might include the computer's video card, if the program was graphics intensive.

Factors to compare against compilers.... Well, the one that really comes to mind is whether or not you like running from the command line, or from an Integrated Development Environment(IDE). I prefer a good IDE 100 fold over and command line compiler personally, but a lot of people feel differently. That's why I'm such a fan of Visual Studio, where you get the nice development environment that flips on all your command line flags automatically. Another factor would be money. A lot of the command line compilers are free, as opposed to the Visual Studio compiler that runs about 100 dollars the last time I checked. You can get Borland C++ for free from I believe it is.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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