Hi there I would like to ask for any one programming language, one is likely to find different compilers made by software houses. One factor of comparison, for example, is the quality of the output program produced by the compiler. What factors in which compilers for programming languages can be compared?  

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your question. My life has been crazy hectic as of late. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure I have an answer for your question. I'll tell you what I can, so I'm going to use C++ as an example case, since it's the language that I know best. While there are several compilers (such as Microsoft Visual C++, Borland's C++ compiler, or gcc for Linux), the end output is really all the same. The major differences are really all on the 'front end' as oppose to the 'back end'. On the front end each has different features, some are easier to use, etc. On the 'back end' there is total compilation time and output executable size. Those are just some of the factors you could use for comparison, although I'm sure there are more. You might want to ask another Expert though for a second opinion. I hope I was able to at least get you going on the right track.

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