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C++/converting byte sequence to float


Hi all,
I have a sequence of bytes of video frames. i will read the sequence of bytes to a buffer, and convert the sequence of bytes to float to use the value (for some thresholding for example}. how can i convert the sequence of bytes to float (one byte has to be converted to float)?

To be able to answer your question I need to understand what are the contents of one byte of the sequence. For example, if it contains integer, you could cast (reinterpret_cast) the byte to an integer, and then cast (static_cast) it into float.  

float convert_frame_byte_to_float(char c) {
  int i = reinterpret_cast<int>(c);
  return static_cast<float>(i);

To be sure, I need to know the meaning of a byte in the sequence.  


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