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C++/cout data


  ifstream read_file("dd.txt",ios::in);
  int i=0,k=0;
  char* abc[100][100];
  abc[i][k] = sen;
  if ( k == 5 )
        k = 0;
  }while (!read_file.eof());

if I want to cout<<"\n"<<abc[1][1]; how can do that?
I do not want write it inside do{...}while loop.
How can Ido?

Hello Daniel, thank you for the question.

I'm not quite sure exactly what your question is. If you want to print that subscript in your array, why not do exactly what you typed? You can cout that individual subscript outside of that loop no problem. If you could please clarify your question, I would love to help.

- Eddie


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