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C++/How do I create a Resources compiler?


I'm a novice programmer. I have created a program that allows a user to create an electronic (Graphical) business card. They create the resources (bmp picture and field names) using a paint program and notepad. Then when they run the executable the "E-card" displays on their desktop. My question is how do I give the user (Author) the option of embedding the resources inside a newly created "Ecard". So the final outcome is 1 executable that runs and is distributable for their clients to just click on and see their Ecard?  I'm not looking for an install program, but a way to let the author of the "Ecard" complie all the resources into one neat executable. Ideally I would like some utility that does that for me.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ian, thank you for the question.

There is actually a couple different ways to go about this. What you should do is make your display function take a string parameter, which would be the path to the file. You could do this from the command line, or from some kind of like File->SetImage type of thing if this is a standard windows application. Ideally, it sounds like the best thing to do would be to take the image and "drop" it on the executable, and then it would just display that image. Which would you prefer?

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie  


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