hello! i've got a problem using dev-c++ that seems so simple but i can't really understand. I've written a program, i compile it and everything is right! Then i press the "run" button and everything works perfect! But the .exe file is not created! What should i do?? thanks a lot

Hello maki, thank you for the question.

Although I have never used dev-c++, I can sense something is not right here. When you click the run button, all it is doing is running the .exe. The whole point of the compiler is to build the .exe, so something is amiss. Perhaps you can specify a command line option, or a setting in the IDE(I'm not sure if it has one) that will manually specify an output directory. You can try looking in the output directory after compilation, but before running.

On a side note, you might have some sort of "clean" setting enabled by default that deletes all of the files made by the compiler after the program completes. It would delete the .exe, and any .obj files generated by the compiler.

Do you see any .obj files at all?

Let me know how it turns out.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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