hello! i've got a problem using dev-c++ that seems so simple but i can't really understand. I've written a program, i compile it and everything is right! Then i press the "run" button and everything works perfect! But the .exe file is not created! What should i do?? thanks a lot

Sorry for the delay in my response, I've just come home from vacation and I must have messed up the dates for being away. Anyway, in my experience, I have found that C++ compilers always create the .exe file. The kicker is where the file was created. Some do it in the folder where your code is, others put it in hard to find places, etc. I would look into your 'My Documents' folder, as well as all the folders that contain the C++ compiler. All else fails, use the search function with the name of your source file and .exe file (like 'code.exe').

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