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What is the difference between c++ and visaul c++? I know that c++ has the portability and all so if you know c++ how is it related to visual c++? Is visual c++ mostly for online apps? Would visual basic be better for desktop applications?  

Waqar , Thank you for your question.

The simple answer is: C++ is a programming language. Visual C++ is a program development environment, including a compiler for C++, sold by Microsoft.

Visual C++ is capable of compiling standard C++ (using an option in the Project Settings).

Whether you choose Visual C++ or Visual Basic for a project depends on many factors. If you are an experience programmer who wants control over what code is generated, use Visual C++. If you prefer the C++ programming language to the Basic programming language, use Visual C++ (or vice-versa). If you are a beginning programmer who wants to get the job done quickly, use Visual Basic. These are some, but not all, of the factors you should consider in making your choice.

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