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I have to write a simple C and C++ function that includes the following sequence of statement:

x = 21;
int x;
x = 42;

Is this possible in the sequence and if so how and what are the results?

The code, as you have it, won't work. You can't use a variable before you initialize it. I.E., you can't say 'x=21;' before you write 'int x;'. You could write 'int x = 21;', and that would work fine. In theory, what you have written would set the value of 'x' to 21, then re-initialize the variable (thus resetting its' value to some random memory address), and set the value of 'x' to 42. So, in theory, if the code above looked like:

//Using endl for readability if actually used
x = 21;
cout << x << endl;
int x;
cout << x << endl;
x = 42;
cout << x << endl;

Your output would look like:
some random memory address that looks like gibberish

But remember that since you haven't initialized 'x' in the code you've given me, the program won't compile, and thus won't work.

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