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C++/how to enter only numbers or alphabets?



i'm new in programming and i need a help.

1)how to restrict input from keyboard to only numbers or alphabet?

example: if i ask for a number, and the user type an alphabet, how to display an error of the input?

2)how to read every character from input?

example: i'm asking for an account number,e.g: B11223344, how to identify every character so that i can add 11+22+33...

that's all.....i hope you can help me to solve the problems.Thank you for your help!  

Hi, Saifuddin
Thankyou for your question.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in answring,
actually i am kind a busy in my personal project.
I'll get back to you in some hours regarding this question.

For time beging, if you wana know whether an input
is a digit or alphabet, you can use the built in
function like

in a switch test to find out whether it is a numeric
entity or not.

with rest information, i'll get back to you..


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