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Hi again.
I did it . It was an easy program but if we have two expresion tree  " x = * "
1-" a x (b+c) "
2-" a x b + a x c"
these two tree are the same.
how can we compair these two trees?
We know that root node of these tree are not the same.
for example for tree 1 root node is " * " and for tree 2 is "+"
now how can I compair these two tree>?
thanks alot
siyavash khojasteh  

siyavash khojasteh, You have given examples of two expression trees, however, they are not expression trees. Recall that you defined an expression tree recursively as an operator with two operands, each of which were constants, variables, or expression trees. Such an expression tree cannot represent parenthesized operations unless you include parentheses as operators.

If your program scans expressions and builds up expression trees, one way to do what you are asking is to look for this specific pattern during the recursive tree walk, for example by expanding parenthesized products.

This means that the program will "rewrite" the input as an "expanded" tree. Then the pattern matching is done as usual on the expanded tree.

The inputs "a * (b + c)" and "(a * b) + (a * c)" would result in the same expanded tree under such a rewriting program, because the first would be rewritten as the second.



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