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C++/Got a fatal error when trying to write a program in turbo C++3.0


Hello Sean,
I hope you can help me out. I am doing an exercise in turbo C++ and I got an error reading "fatal...includeIOSTREAM.H: Error directive: Must use C++ for the type iostream."
I basically have "#include <iostream.h> as part of my directives so I can use "cout" and so on. How do I fix this error message, I never got this in any of the other assignments I have been doing. I am also a beginner in all of this. Thanks.

Hi Aliya,

Is it possible that you accidentally named your source file with a .c extension, rather than a .cpp? I'm not familiar with the Turbo C++ environment, but based on that error, that's the most likely culprit. If that isn't the case, copy and paste your source, and I'll be happy to go through it for you and look for errors.

I really hope that helps,



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