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 Hello sir,

 I want to display a photo in full-screen mode in my program. Currently I maximize my form and in this way I use the maximum area I can; but I want my form not to have any frame(including minimize, maximize and close buttons) and also I want the screen to contain only my form(not the task bar and ...).

This is exactly what MS-IE(internet explorer) or ACDSee does in full-screen mode.

Please let me know how I can have a full-screen mode in my program.

thank you very much.

Mohammad , Thank you for your question.

There are several ways you can implement a full-screen mode. Probably the best is to create a window with the same size as the Active Workspace. Assuming you are not using MFC, you can create a window by calling the CreateWindow function. You can specify that it have no border (for that matter, you can create a dialog box with no border also).

For information about how to create a window or dialog box with various kinds of borders, consult the help file or other documentation that came with your compiler.

David Spector


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