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QUESTION: Hello! My question is that what will i have to do if i want to develop a game engine from scratch? Is it time consuming? If so , then what should i do to develop a game for windows ,ps2, ps3, xbox 360, xbox and wii?

ANSWER: Developing a game engine takes a lot of time and energy - nowadays most games reuse older engines.

Since you're asking this question from me, rather than some gaming professional on some gaming site, I tend to think you do not have much exposure to the domain. I would strongly recommend learning more about the gaming industry. Mechanisms in this industry are highly complex. You can start with

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QUESTION: Let me ask a bold question. I want to develop a handheld game system. I want to know that how am i going to programme the whole system with C++????? Pleeeeeeeeeze help me!!!


I think this link would be useful for you: Brew and J2ME are two commonly used platforms for mobile gaming. If you are not so C++ biased, I would ask you to consider J2ME as well, since java is a more managed language and it might be easier to make a headway. See Unfortunately I don't have much knowledge in this domain - so this is all I have to say.


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