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C++/gcc 2.95 & gcc 3.x


why is it that sometimes something compiled in gcc 2.95 will not work in a machine that has gcc 3.x?

and why is it that sometimes it works in both machines?

oh, not to mention some codes that are compilable in gcc 2.95 will not compile in 3.x

Hello James, thank you for the question.

We just had this issue at my place of employment a couple of weeks ago, porting all of our gcc3.x stuff to gcc4.0. The reason behind it is due to what the developers change in each version. In gcc4.0, there are a couple of command line options that aren't available in gcc3, which caused numerous integration problems when we integrated with some external developers. Why code intermittently works sometimes is unknown. This seems a more suited question to the gcc developers.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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