could u plz tell me some good books on computer graphics to be read as a novice...
as i am a newbie i would like to know the basic concepts of graphics in c++..
i would like to make animations in projects using c++ graphics...
plz do tell me some basic steps to learn and do apart from the books u can mention..
thank u sir...

Hello ish, thank you for the question.

The number one book for computer graphics I can recommend is the OpenGL Superbible, which is available online and in major bookstores everywhere. Also, any of the Game Programming Gems series would also aid you in your quest for knowledge. These books should give you a strong understanding of the  foundations of computer graphics.

As for basic steps, I would advise that graphics programming is extremely difficult and meticulous. As a novice, don't get upset if you find it quite the challenge to tackle such a subject. Don't give up, and stick with it, and you'll accomplish what you want eventually!

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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