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C++/hello need to know



now i m engineeering communication student 3rd year

i confront a big problem i like all subjects i took before in my field until :

taking subjects has relation with programming i hate it but unfortuntly i knew that programming specially with C is too important in my field work
i took (c, assembly)before but i didnt undertand it further meaning i dislike that kind

but i want to like it & learn it & solve my crux
i want from u to suggest me how can i do ?
how can i start learning
whats the difference between c , c++
which is more important
wish to hear from u soon

I can answer two of your questions but not all three.

1) You can start learning C++ just about anywhere. Going to your local bookstore would be a good start. Learning what your local university uses for C++ textbooks, and purchasing a copy of that book would work great. I would stay away from the "Learn C++ In 24 Hours" though. You can also try Google - use "C++ tutorials" or "C++ lessons" as the query. There is more than enough information on the web to get you started.

2) I don't really know the difference between C and C++. The only thing that I know is that C++ was built off of C, so it uses some newer concepts and different coding techniques to make life easier for the programmers.

3) While learning C would be nice, C++ is the more important of the two. C++ is a tough language to learn, no doubt about it. But if you can program in C++, you can program in Java (which draws a lot of its' programming concepts and techniques from C++), and you can program some of Microsoft's .NET stuff (which I don't have any experience with). So C++ is what I'd recommend out of the two.

I hope this answers your questions, sorry I couldn't elaborate on the differences between C and C++. Although you could probably find the answer via Google.

Best Of Luck,


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