i have created:
struct gateType {
      char type[5];
      int input1PinOrder;
      int input2PinOrder;
      int outputPinOrder;
struct gateType myGates[8][3];

but in the main program when i write:
the compiler says: incompatible types in assignment! what should i do??

Hello maki, thank you for the question.

If you want to be able to directly assign a value to a string, the std::string class has the = operator overloaded for that purpose. Otherwise, it is illegal. The wasy to do this is with a call to strcpy to copy the string into the array:

strcpy(myGates[j][i].type, "and", sizeof(char)*5));

This copies over 5 bytes from the source, to the destination.

strcpy is located in the file string.h

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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