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C++/A help needed (Urgent)



I'm searching for a help with the following things for C++.. hope you have experience with such problems:

1- Heuristic & Encrypted Viruses Engine Scanning. (CPU Emulating)

2- Extracting Attachements and Macros from MS Office Document.

3- Real Time Scanning. (To intercept all files executed in Windows.. and then scan them for viruses..)

4- Boot Sector & Master Boot Record Scanning. (To read the Master Boot Sector and check if there is any Boot Virus that boots before the System booting..)

5- Detection of Network viruses. (Blocks viruses that spread without using files, directly to the memory)

6- Archives and Compressed Files Scanning. (ZIP, ACE, ZRJ, CAB and RAR files)

We are making a new FREE Anti-Virus.. and we are trying to find some help with this..

Please if you can afford help with one of them then it is great!

Or if you want to work with us on this project (officially) and to be one of the Technology Executives in this project then we do appreciate that..

My MSN Messenger is:

Waiting your reply first..

Thanks in advance,
Radwan Aladdin

Hi Mr.Aladdin,
Thankyou for your note at
I went through  your offer carefully and
i've got experience regarding these problems.

I would like to know,

a) Which company do you belong, and where it is
b) Specify the details of your project Clearly?
c) What is the official procedure to get attached
  with this project?

If you can initialy send me the details, i would
like to give you my resume, so you can carefully
go through the technology aspects i've covered.
Please take care of yourself. I look forward to
hear from you.



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I can answer any question about functions,pointers,structures,object oriented programming basics of classes and data structures.My strong field is structured programming.


I have got 2 years experiece under C . I am able to answer about the structured concepts pointers to a little extent,OOP concepts. I have also experience in data Strucutres like Linked List, Stacks , Queues, Heaps, B Trees, Red Black Trees. I will try to satisfy with my knowledge. I am the Student of an expert here Martin, what i have learnt today, i just owe my every knowledge to him. He is the greatest.

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