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3 questions related to a program I am writing:
1) Is it necessary that a derived class have a ctor? If yes or no, explain please.
2)Is it necessary that a base clase haev a ctor?
3)is it mandatory for a derived class ctor to call a base class ctor if one exists?

sid , Thank you for your question.

1. No, classes need not have ctors. If a class has no class member variables, or if it has them but they need not be initialized, there may be no need for a ctor. Ctors are for the programmer's convenience; there is nothing about program structure that should require them.

2. No, classes need not have ctors.

3. C++ guarantees that the base class ctor, if any, is called when a derived class is instantiated. No explicit ctor function call or initialization item is needed. An exception is when the base ctor requires an argument list. Then an explicit ctor function initialization item is needed in the derived ctor initialization list.

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