what is the easiest and powerfull Knowledge book about c and c++ i can purchase?

There are so many books out there on C and C++ that I honestly don't know which ones are the best. All I can raelly say is stay away from the C (or C++ in 24 Hours books. Those ones just suck. I'd recommend when you're at the bookstore, grab a few books on C and read the first chapter or two out of each. Whichever one explains the easiest should be the one you buy. Since everybody learns a little differently, this is the only real effective way to choose a textbook for yourself. And, of course, there's always Google - search for C++ Tutorials, C++ Lessons (and do the same with C). There's tons of info out there that can aid you. I hope this helps.

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Having problems with any basic or intermediate parts of C++? I can answer those questions for you using simple English. I have been taking C++ in school for a couple years, so I still remember what it was like to be a beginner (especially with C++, which is a difficult language)!


I have a C++ web page that discuses the basics of C++. The address is: http://www.afweb.net/complang/

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