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C++/main() function !


why we write main function at the starting of program?

Hi dear Chandana !

Its not much essential that main() function to be the starting of the program , perhaps you can define any number of functions just like this !

void foo()
/* some definitions */
void foo2()
/* some definitions */

void main()
 foo(); /* explicit call to foo() */

Given above example apparently shows that main() function is not written at the starting of the program , yet this program will compile without any errors! , your argument is worth if your statement is "why execution starts from main()?"

in this program both main() and foo() , foo2() are user defined functions  , our compiler is not much intelligent ,  from where to start the fly ! So to avoid this situation C programming is devised  in such a way it should start its execution from the main() function no matter how many function you have written in your program!

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