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C++/making a membership software in Un*x


I would like to make a membership software in Un*x
but I don't know how I would detect whether a person is still online or not.

I would then have to run an ongoing program, that is always constantly running because I don't want to use cookies.

however if I was to sell the completed software, again, then people would need a un*x login.  not too many hosts give un*x login accounts to ftp users.  so I was wondering...

how can i do this without using an ongoing program that would keep checking if a member is logged in every 30 minutes?
If a non-ongoing program is not possible, then how would I create this ongoing program?

  If users need access to your server and test the software, ftp account won't suffice.
To accomodate following spec, you need to modify the telnetd and/or rlogind (if possible) and use it on your server(s):
  You do not need to create so many accounts in the first place. Only one account with restricted access would suffice. All the users could have their ids stored in perl db/mysql or any database or flat file on your system (secured) along with the passwords. Their login would be verified by the login daemon running on your system using this data and once done, they could be sudo'ed (sudo command) to that restricted id.



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