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Here is my situation:

I am running windows xp and have a program that I like to use, but it keeps making internet explorer present me with advertisements.  Very annoying.

Obviously I could just discontinue use of the program, but I like it and dont want to stop using it. I tried a couple different popup blockers and they get their fair share, but none from this program are blocked.

I know how to write programs and I figure it must be possible for me to write one whose single goal in life will be to prevent me from being presented with the ads.

I work with unix/linux primarily so I'm not sure about where to start. I would really appreciate it if you can tell me if you think its possible, and perhapse give me a few pointers on how to monitor for certain events.


Matt , Thank you for your question.

You mention Windows and Linux without making it clear which system you want your solution to work on. Monitoring events is completely different in the two systems.

In either case, if I were solving this problem I would write a test program that would monitor the system to find out what it going on. There is no one way to do this, as there are hundreds of possible mechanisms.

If the ads are being displayed in your browser, it is possible that writing a Proxy would be a solution. A local Proxy is a program that stands between your browser and the remote system. URL requests go to the Proxy first, then the Proxy filters them as desired and passes them unto the remote server, returning the returned data to the browser. Expect a high learning hurdle in writing a Proxy.

Some shareware Proxy programs can be customized, and this might be your best bet.

I suggest that you post this question at, which is more advanced than

Feel free to ask me questions about the C++ programming language and I will be happy to answer them.

David Spector


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