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C++/mouse emulation in C++



1- TO begin with, i am using microsoft visual C++ 6.0. Win XP. pentium 3/4 procesor. (intel 80x86)

2- What I am trying to do is to emulate the left mouse click using C++. I haven't tried anything yet cuz i don't know how do it.(but i have C++ experince).


4- I want the program to initiate a mouse click and then another mouse click after a certain number of seconds (that the user specifies) from the first.

Thanks in advance (salaf)

emad, Thank you for your question.

Although you can send any of the mouse messages directly to any window using the PostMessage function, you probably want to generate a system-level mouse event. You can do this using the SendInput function.

You can search Microsoft's MSDN Library at

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

David Spector


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