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C++/need c++ program to give exam


What I want to do is create in c++ a true/false
including a percentage of each true or false
statement type of exam.
Example two questions
Answer true or false and indicate what percent from 1 100 fits your reply.
1. True, false, 40% "question" You like hot days
2 true, false, 40% "question” You never watch TV.
        So it will be 5 categories 5 question each and at the end of the test I want the average of the Percentages -100 to -0 to reflect the wrong answer and 0 to 100 to fit the right answer as the final result of the test to reflect the score "example"

Your scores are for each of the 5 categories are category 1 +20% and -40%, and the same the other categories.
Is there a program out there like that?
Are there any exams codes out there I could model off?
   Thank you for your time and response

It seem you have to write a simple C++ program using std input and output. Here are some examples of such code:

You can use math.h for mathematical computations.

For learning C++, one good reference is Bruce Eckel's book "Thinking in C++" which has both an online and an offline version.


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