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C++/I need help about the arrays


Dear professor
I'm a first-year of secondary- schools student and I'm learning C++.
I've got an exam tomorrow. So, I'm going to ask you to do me favor and that's to give me the great pleasure of helping you. I need some guidance on how to write the following program by using the "arrays". Please guide me.

"We're in a maze and we want to cross through it safely. The user specifies two places for the program. And our program must take us from one place to the end. (another place) and we must notice that there are some dangerous monsters in some of the ways."

Thanks a lot!

Hello mojgan:
 I hope u'll be fine. Pardon me, but ur problem statement is not very clear to me. Like it doesn't tell me:

1) What do u exactly mean by
"program must take us from one place to the end. (another place)"
  Are you required to output the data at the array locations from where u pass?

2)  "we must notice that there are some dangerous monsters in some of the ways"

  By this, do u mean that u r required to avoid certain array locations. If so, who specifies those loactions and in what way?

Plz. make me able to help u by providing the related information in a followup. Also, if u can, give an example describing ur scenerio.

Waiting for ur followup!
Thanks for contacting me.


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