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can you give me details about nested loops and
i have one questions which i have taken from last 2 years question paper
1-write a program using loops and if statement to calculate the no of days,weeks,months,and years between two dates.pls reply me.

Dear Sunny,
Thankyou for your question. I apologize for the
delay, because i was out for some days, and the
status didn't show me on vacation.

Well nested loops is somewhat concept related to
the normal loops like there are three

1- For Loop
2- While Lopp
3- Do While Loop

and three of them follows the following syntax

for( initial condition ; terminating condition ; control condition )

Nested loops is similiar to them, loops within loop.
I guess you should better look at a tutorial fro C/C++.
Well any specific queries, you can contact me.



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