can we add pictures from disk to a running c++ program , ?
can we play music in backgrond in c++ ?
what picture format can c++ compiler (turbo) support if possible ?


Yes, you sure can. Take a look at a function included in Windows.h called LoadImage(). You would pass it the absolute path to the image, or just the name of the image if its in the same directory as the program.

Playing music is also easy. If you link to winmm.lib, the function PlaySound() will do that for you, although I believe it may only work for .wav sound files. You can also specify if you want the sound to loop, or just play once.

I have no idea about the turbo compiler, but I do know that they all support Bitmaps. Bitmaps are the only formate I've seen that are supported by everything.

I hope this information was helpful.

- Eddie


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