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C++/ploting curve in oop(C++)


Howq to plott a curve in the C++ with the help of OOP , by taking values from the users?

Hello Xaheen
First of all, i apologize for not answering early
due to my official commitments.

Xaheen, as your question about plotting a curve
is concerned, regarding OOP, i think first of
all you should do it like this

1- Make a class named curve
2- Declare essential variables ( i.e. you will be
needing to plot a curve)
3- Then you can take input from user by the set and
get methods or you also call them "Accessor" method
to get the values essential for the users, or you
can do it through constructor overloading, declaring
different constructors, each taking different values.
4- Now, i don't understand, what kind of curve you
want to plot, but half curve can easily be plotted
by, you can call a fucntion drawCurve(), and in that
use the built in function for graphics, like drawArc
or something like that, and try to get the desired
values you want.

I think so, thats what you asked from me. You can
ask more questions, if you have any, and i will do
my best to respond promptly.

Hope this helps,


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